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  • Remove junk files and unnecessary program files Compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server Portable version for all your personal Windows devices
Nov 14, 2014 · Delete is “move to trash” and will make the message go away completely (eventually). If you just want an email out of your Inbox, you should probably use Archive instead. When you find something labeled as spam that isn’t spam, mark it as “Not Spam”. Gmail will remove the spam label. add the inbox label, and (slowly) learn.

Jun 06, 2012 · 4. Now open the Photos App, go to Delete Photos folder. 5. Tap "Delete All" It seems that the deleted photos folder stores photos even when you can't see them, due to them being older than ~30 days. So, if you set the time backwards, it will show the older photos that are still there but technically should have been automatically deleted before.

In Unix-based or Unix-like systems, the command is rmdir (however, it will not delete any folders that still have subfolders or files inside - for this, you use rm -r <name of folder to delete ...
  • > 1) why is the assets1 folder always storing 2 copies of each image on this block? One image is for a thumbnail, and the second is for a full image. I already sent this info to our developers. > 2) after deleting one of these blocks (not working with this particular artist anymore) the images are still in the assets1 folder.
  • Use cmd.exe. Go run, type cmd and Enter, and then navigate to the folder using chdir, and then type del this sucker. Do it in safe mode.. not to be any safer but cos no processes would be using it there - no handles to it.
  • Quick facts about LONG PATH Tool:Straightforward interface,Simple to use,Developer and end-user versions,Delete system locked files,Can delete files even from mapped network folders,Can list files and paths which have long file path,Close application that uses the file,Unload locking process

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    However, I cannot delete any folders from Windows Explorer. I can delete the content within the folders/subfolders but when I try to select the folder and right-click to delete..there is no option to delete.

    DirectoryInfo.Delete() raising an exception when it is not empty. but i do not want this behavior. when it is not empty it should not deleted with raising exception. any direct way.??? Thanks in advance. If a directory is empty then Directory.GetFiles("DirPath").Length should return zero.

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    Im running V60 RC5 and there is a folder I cant delete. Ive tried everything that I can think of. I just ran reiserfsck and it found 2 errors and suggested I run reiserfsck --fix-fixable /dev/md9 and it cleared up the errors.

    Mar 02, 2015 · How can I delete this spurious folder?-----[Diane Poremsky replied:] 1. Hmmm. If the right click Delete folder command isn't live, use MFCMAPI to delete it. (I'm assuming that is a folder you named, not a name Outlook made up - I've seen outlook create weird folder names when using an antivirus plugin, but it was a different name.

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    If a directory is specified as a source, then the contents of the directory will be recursively copied into targetDir. Existing files will not be overwritten unless the -force option is specified (when Tcl will also attempt to adjust permissions on the destination file or directory if that is necessary to allow the copy to proceed).

    rm: cannot remove `/tmp/tektea': Directory not empty 通过上面的验证,首先我们可以得出这条结论: 使用rm -rf命令删除目录时,如果该目录下的文件正在被写入,那么会存在删除失败的可能 。

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    Dec 04, 2015 · Delete/Remove User Account and Files. Now you can safely remove user together with his/her home directory, to remove all user files on the system use the --remove-all-files option in the command below: # deluser --remove-home tecmint [On Debian and its derivatives] # userdel --remove tecmint [On RedHat/CentOS based systems]

    Folder Redirection in Group Policy allows a systems administrator to redirect certain folders from a user’s profile to a file server. In part 3 of this series, I’ll discuss the folder permissions we set on the file server along with justifications for those settings and alternatives.

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    When a directory or a file has immutable attribute set, you will get the error "Permission denied" while trying to delete the underlying files. If the attributei (immutable bit) is set on a file, not even root will be able to modify it. Simulate delete file "Operation not permitted" on Linux. Create a directory under /tmp.

    If a file or folder returns when you delete it, it's because it was unable to be deleted on one of your connected devices. You delete a file on computer A. Dropbox is informed that it has been deleted and syncs that change to your account. Dropbox on your other devices is notified that the file has been deleted, so they also remove the file.

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    Feb 07, 2011 · If you are not able to delete it then make sure ownership of the directory is correct. Also check the attribute set to this directory. You can check the same using command. lsattr it shall be ----- . If it contains a/u/i then that could be the problem. Regards,

    May 08, 2017 · Perhaps the installer folder is making the fuss. Should be in C:\ProgramData\ (on Windows 7, hidden folder). It should have a cryptic name, but inside you should find Kontakt 5.msi and some other files. Delete that folder.

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    I made a symbolic link with the following commmand: ln -s ../test5 I want to remove it now but my rm fails: $ rm -Rf test5/ rm: cannot remove `test5/': Not a directory $ rm test5/ rm: cannot rem...

Nov 24, 2008 · - Delete folders _saved_ inside folder _gsdata__ in left and right sync folders. - Do NOT delete folder _gsdata_ itself, GoodSync keeps state of synced files there. Q: Can multiple 'GoodSync Pro' clients sync against the same directory on a server at the same time? A: The answer to that is Yes and No.
Command execution failed: Active Directory operation failed on “[your Lync Server]”. You cannot retry this operation: “Directory object not found [domain specific text]”-OR- Result: Create permissions for Configuration delete objects container TaskFailed: Task execution failed. Use the following steps to manually prepare the forest:
May 13, 2006 · Can I delete or remove Common Files folder - posted in Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT: I tried to clean up my comp which have to many programs installed. Looking to Programs folder find folder "Common Files" which is 580 Mb in size.
Jun 10, 2008 · You can do this by opening an elevated Command Prompt (as Administrator..), going into the folder in question, and then doing: del /f .-- do NOT do this outside of the folder you want to delete, it will literally delete everything that's not actively being used, this includes Windows system files. Once you've done that, try deleting the folder again and see if it will let you.